Why you should send money using SendSprint.

22 February, 2023

As an African living in the diaspora, sending money home is almost inevitable. This sounds like pride, but are actually practical reasons why you should send money home using Sendsprint, instead of other apps. And I know you might be wondering; who are we to say we’re better than others? Yes, they’ve been in the market for a while but we’re here now. Who are we? We’re SendSprint, of course.

SendSprint is a faster, more secure, and more reliable option for sending money and gifts to Africa.

The others are either slower, cost more, have fewer payout options, customer support is terrible and above all, they’re not transparent. They also don’t offer alternative options if you choose to send gifts rather than cash.

Here are some of the reasons why SendSprint is  a great choice for sending money to Africa: 


You can set up an account in less than five minutes. When you use Sendsprint, sending money or a gift is simpler and faster than before. Don’t believe us? Try it!


We are aware that you put a lot of work into earning your money, so we know that every dollar counts. Because of this, we guarantee that our charges will always be reasonable and we will provide you with options and services of the highest quality that will enrich the lives of the people you give them to.


Upon the successful delivery of your transfers, we will immediately send transfer confirmations to both you and the recipients. We are able to accomplish this goal because we have a worldwide network of dependable service partners. We believe this is one of our stronger suits. 

Incredible Assistance

We are aware of the importance of empathic and proactive communication. You have our word that whenever you find yourself in need of assistance, we will be right here to provide it.

Alternative Options

If you decide to send actual gifts rather than money, guess what? You can also use SendSprint to send gift cards to your recipients if you like!

Sending money, gifts, or other items to family members, acquaintances, or businesses has never been easier than it is with SendSprint. Send money and gift cards using Sendsprint today!