Top Restaurants in Africa 2023!

15 February, 2023

Restaurants are blooming all over Africa, with many delightful and delicious experiences. What’s a better way of showing love to the people who matter to you than providing the opportunity of experiencing these places for them? On that note, we have curated a list of amazing and exciting restaurants for your loved ones back home to visit! You might have seen these on Valentine’s Day, but here’s an extended list. You’re welcome!

Lagos, Nigeria

Ci Gusta

This Italian cuisine franchise recently opened in Victoria Island, Lagos. It’s a family-friendly restaurant that offers all meals of the day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course, gelato! It’s a delightful place for your family and loved ones to try or be introduced to Italian cuisine.

What’s special? Purely Italian

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Exciting restaurants in Africa.


Elysium is a garden restaurant in Lekki, Lagos. They have a cafe, lounge, and menu that caters to fine dining. It’s an all-around place in every sense of the word because they’re also open Mondays through Sundays! You can treat your loved ones any time of the day, any day of the week!

What’s Special? Open every day!

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Ona Lagos

Ona Lagos is a stunning space with cuisine that celebrates African ingredients and techniques. If you really want to treat your family to a beautiful culinary experience, Ona Lagos is the place to try. It’s one of the hottest new restaurants in Africa.

What’s Special? African fusion cuisine.

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Accra, Ghana


Kozo is an Afro-Asian Dining experience that provides fresh, farm-to-table food while being conscious of sustainability. It’s also a very beautiful space and is a place your loved ones might like to try!

What’s Special? Farm-to-table

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Another Italian restaurant in Africa, this time located in Ghana. According to their website, “Pomona’s menu celebrates the culinary traditions of Italian culture in a vibrant garden-house, inspired by everything local.” Couldn’t have described it better myself!

What’s Special? Italian cuisine.

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Santoku is a contemporary Japanese restaurant in Africa. They have the most delightfully plated culinary experiences

What’s Special? Japanese cuisine.

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Johannesburg, South Africa


A fine-dining restaurant that focuses on French food and wine. Now, we know the French don’t play when it comes to culinary experiences, so your loved ones are in for a treat!

What’s Special? French cuisine.

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This absolutely stunning restaurant with exciting decor. Their menu is even more amazing, focusing on bold Latin American flavours and culinary treats.

What’s Special? Latin American cuisine.

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This is a fancy restaurant located in the Houghton hotel in an estate of the same name. The head chef is apparently highly experienced and has cooked in top kitchens around the world.

What’s Special? Elegant dining.

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Nairobi, Kenya

Harvest Restaurant

Inspired by Kenyans’ love for meat, this open grill restaurant is gorgsoues, with beautiful ambience and a meat-lover’s dream.

What’s Special? For meat lovers!

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Mercado is “passionate about food we wanted to bring rich and diverse cuisines to the city of Nairobi.” If your family or loved ones like Mexican cuisine, Mercado is the place for them. Send some money for them to enjoy today!

What’s Special? Mexican cuisine.

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Mawimbi’s selling point is that they are a restaurant with an exciting menu that is centred on seafood. If your loved ones enjoy seafood, send them to Mawimbi!

What’s Special? Seaf0od!

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These are just a few restaurants in Africa where your loved ones can enjoy experiences on your dime. Send them money on Sendsprint today and treat them to something beautiful!

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