Around Africa In 6: News From Across Africa In November 2022

30 November, 2022

Just before we plunge into December celebrations, here’s a roundup of news from across Africa in November 2022:

Around Africa in 6: News from Africa November 2022

Nigeria has approved a social media regulatory policy

Nigeria’s Minister of communications and digital economy has approved a code of practice for Internet intermediaries, instructing that all firms with more than 100,000 users will be required to register with the government and pay tax. They will also be required to appoint country representatives, provide information on harmful accounts, and troll groups and delete all information that violates Nigerian law.

Kenya will manufacture sh5,000 smartphones by next year

President William Ruto has said that the government is collaborating with the telecommunications industry to create a cheap smartphone that can accomplish everything. He believes this will ensure that all Kenyans have access to digital platforms for business and government services.

FTX loses financial services licence in South Africa

Ovex, a cryptocurrency market maker in South Africa, has withdrawn FTX as an authorized juristic representative, cutting off the international exchange’s access to its local Financial Service Provider (FSP) licence. 

Seven West African countries, including Ghana, are joining forces to fight jihadists 

Last week, Ghana, Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Niger and Togo held talks in Accra with representatives from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the European Union and the African Union. Five years ago, the seven African countries formed the Accra Initiative to join forces on regional security. On the 22nd of November, the members said the initiative will begin operating within a month.

Ghana will use gold, rather than dollars, to buy oil

On Thursday, Ghana announced more spending cuts, including a freeze on government hiring and a hike in the Value Added Tax. It’s also looking to buy oil using gold rather than U.S. dollars as part of a plan to reduce its reliance on foreign assistance as it grapples with the worst economic crisis in a generation.

Kenyans To Get Loans Without Collateral

President Ruto announced a Ksh 50 billion ($409 million) fund called the Hustlers fund designed to give small and medium-sized enterprises access to credit on affordable terms. This new fund will allow Kenyans to borrow between Ksh 500 and Ksh 50,000 without collateral at an interest rate of 8% per year.

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